Ex heating controller type FRBL-2 series 1064

short description

the comprehensive solution for controlling and limiting the temperature                                    incl. power control unit consists of a main relay, full wave control and phase angle control


    The heating control system consists of               1 Ex- Temperature-Limiter                                    1 Ex- Temperature - Controller                             1 Ex- power unit (Triac)


The Ex heating controll type FRBL-2, series 1064 in conjunction with a PTC resistance thermometer is used for the control , limitation and “energy controller” of the temperature of equipment in hazardous explosive ereas which require apparatus of category 2G /2D Zone 1 / 21

FRBL-2 series 1064 are main part of an electrical heating control in the flame proof areas are installed and intrinsically safe electric circuit for the sensors has. Measured value processing via micro controller.


    Marking : II 2 G Ex e ib [ib Gb] mb IIC T4 Gb                               II 2 Ex tb IIIC IP 6x T90°C Db                                                                                                                                       EC-Type Examination Certificate :                              TÜV 03 ATEX 2078

    Flame proof according to                                           ATEX Directive 94/9/EC , intrinsic safety             EN 60079-0, EN 60079-7, EN 60079-11,                 EN 60079-18, EN 60079-31

Technical Data

 Supply voltage :  230V AC  +10%; -15%: 50/60 Hz         

 Power consumption             ca. 11VA (without load)

 Nominal current                     25A

 Degree of protection            IP 64

 Relais out controller             1n.c. 5 A, 250 V

 Ambient temperature           - 20...+ 40°C                                                              (optional)  - 40...+ 40°C                                                                                 < 50°C with reduced                                                                   load current of 16A              

  Indicate range                        actual value -99...460°C                                                            set point       - 4 ...460°C


  • The FRBL-2 contains the controller, limiter  and the 5% step switch “energy controller”
  • to the power supply because of full wave or a continuous control with SSR (solid-state relay)
  • overload circuit at >25A
  • Attitude of the temperature levels in the category 2 permits
  • connectiont to resistance temperature sensor   Pt100 DIN in 3- or 2-wire configuration                  
  • Signalling of sensor break and sensor      short-circuit signal
  • Greener-LEED-indication of the main contactor´s switching position
  • adjustment of switchpoint with tool only (screwdriver)
  • temperature sensor shortage or breakage shown by 7-segment LED display for controller and limiter
  • unlock at device or remote
  • no unlock necessary after breakdown of power supply
  • optional : Ex- amperemeter, attachable              

     complete Wiring and Operating Instructions                     PDF file uctions