Switch-Module SM1 series 1051

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Technical Data

 Supply voltage                  230V AC +10%-15%, 50/60Hz

 Power consumption         app. 1 VA

 output to                              low=0V, high=10V, I<40mA              solid state relay 10V DC

 Protection to 60529           IP 20                                    

 Housing                                Polycarbonate, rail mounting on                                                   rail according to EN 50022

 Ambient temperature        -20...+ 50°C

 Size                                        23 x 75 x 99mm                                         


SM 1 is installed with the controller ETRA 2 Ex-ib type 1047 and a solid state relay in a non flame proof area. The ETRA 2 Ex-ib type 1047 relay output drives the SM1 which drives a solid state relay with 10V DC input. SM1 is installed beneath the ETRA 2 Ex-ib type 1047.                                                                                                                        Long leads are allowed between SM1 and solid state relay, control and power section may be separated.

complete Wiring and Operating Instructions           PDF file