Electronic Ex-Temperaturecontroller type ETRA 2 Ex-ib series 1047, as on-off controller

short description

for temperature controling of equipment which is used in flame proof areas



    Marking : II (2) G [Ex ib] IIC/ IIB                                                                                                                     EC-Type Examination Certificate :                          TÜV 10 ATEX 555822                  

    Flame proof according to                               ATEX Directive 94/9/EC,                                            EN 60079-0:2006, EN 60079-11:2007        intrinsic safety                

Technical Data

 Supply voltage 24V..265V  AC ( 50/60 Hz) /DC

 Power consumption             ca. 3 VA

 Protection to 60529               IP 20                                     

 Relais out limiter                    250V, 5A AC / 24V, 1A,                                                                           100W

 Ambient temperature            -20...+ 50°C                                                                                                                               Indicate range                         actual value -99...460°C                                                        set point       -32 ...432°C


Electronic Temperaturecontrollers ETRA2 Ex-ib are used with resistance temperature sensors (Pt100 DIN) and AM1 for continuous control of temperatures in flame proof areas.

The controller measures the temperature at the HOT SPOT by means of PT100 sensor and supervises this procedure of -4… 460°C as self-sufficient system.

Potentiometer P1 and P2 are used to adjust the switchpoints. Keys T1 and T2 are used to display the switchpoints.



  • connectiont to resistance temperature sensor   Pt100 DIN in 3- or 2-wire configuration
  • in combination with switch modul SM1, type 1051, suited to drive solid state relay
  • temperature sensor shortage or breakage shown  by LED
  • simple but protected adjustment of switchpoint with screwdriver
  • position of relais contacts shown by LED
  • temperature senso shortage or breakage shown by 7-segment LED display

complete Wiring and Operating Instructions           PDF file